Breaking Ice into London by Daquiri

We woke up to a very chilly start. Everywhere was white over with frost. The puddles had gone all weird our paws slipped on top of them & we couldn’t get all muddy splashing through them. We did enjoy rolling in the frosty grass though. There was a very thin layer of ice on bits of the canal but not much so luckily we could still go cruising. Mums biggest problem was her ropes were frozen solid so she was draping them into the back cabin with the engine running while we had breakfast to thaw them out a bit.

Uxbridge 1 Uxbridge 2 Uxbridge 4 Uxbridge 7 Uxbridge2 Uxbridge6

Soon mum was layered up doing an impression of the Michelin man & we were on our way. We stayed inside nice & warm by the fire oh yes nice & toasty warm.

Mum just has 2 locks to do which she did very gingerley as everywhere was slippy holding on tight when crossing lock gates. Today would not be a good day to fall in the canal. We the had a short turn before our important left turn at Bulls Bridge. This was new waters for us as we turned onto the Paddington Arm of The Grand Union & it was the start of our cruise into London central. Almost as soon as we’d turned we started hitting ice & were pushing our way through it. Mum didn;t really like it & Cosmo certainly didn’t. He jumps a mile everytime something hits the hull in normal weather so this set him right off. We decided to pull up a bit earlier than planned as mum had got really cold & she was fretting about the ice. So having checked we were still close to a tube as Helen Marie is joining us tomorrow we slotted inbetween some other moored boat at Perivale. We went for walkies & found the area much nicer than we’d expected. We had been expecting everywhere to be very urban after Bulls Bridge but Perivale had lots of nice park & towpath for us.

The net morning we woke up to even colder weather & much more ice. Mum spent half our walkies throwing sticks & stones at the  ice to try & work out how thick it was. After a facebook discussion we decided to leave it till lunchtime to set off.


We met Helen Marie at Perivale tube & I was very naughty jumping up with lots of people around. Don’t think mum was overly impressed when it was so slippy. We slid back to the boat & decided to set of. Easier said than done. Mum couldn’t push the boat out as the ice had pinned us in so it was a lot op trying to push the back out with the engine & break the ice but every time we went forwards we slid into the bank again. Eventually we were on our way but we had to go really slowly breaking hugs sheets of ice along the way. The cracking noise was really loud. Cosmo wasn’t happy & as it turns out neither was mum. She decided she didn’t like cruising in the ice & it was so slow going. So an hour later we pulled up at the next possible mooring point only a mile along at Alperton.

ice1 ice2 ice3 ice4 ice5 ice6

Here’s the video of Golden Boyz Ice Breaking

Now Alperton didn’t strike us as the best mooring place but again it was near a tube for Helen Marie leaving & auntie Sally who was arriving plus it was on bollards so we didn’t have to try & knock pins into frozen ground plus it was right by a Sainsburys. The only hard bit was we hadn’t got to KIngs Cross where we were supposed to be to join in with our icicle cruise with the St Pancras Cruising Club on New Years Eve. So we decided to action a  plan B & hoped to meet them at Little Venice for the lunchtime BBQ instead & cruise back with them still. Auntie Sally arrived fine & we all stayed warm inside the boat.

We awoke the next day & yep you’ve guesses it there was still lots of ice so we had to abandon all hope of joining in with the New Years Eve icicle cruise. Mum had tickets to the fireworks for the evening but mum wasn’t keen on leaving the boat in the area it was. I’m not sure why as we’re such ferocious guard dogs we’d have protected it. Anyway we had a lucky stroke as 2 boats pulled up who were on a mission to make it through London so we arranged to follow them after they’d broken the ice. A very kind London boater called Kate had messaged us to say she reckoned we could just squeeze into Paddington Basin so we decided to go for it. We were glad to be following other boats as the ice was pretty thick in parts – we were glad we weren’t at the front of the convoy.

ice10 ice11 ice12 ice13 ice14

Atter Kensal Green teh ice had pretty much melted away so we progressed through Little Venice & Kate came out to help shoe horn us in in Paddington Basin. So hip hip hooray we’ve made it to central London another big adventure achieved,

WP_20150101_010 WP_20150101_011 WP_20150101_012

In the evening mum & auntie Sally went off to watch the fireworks in London while we snoozed through them.

WP_20141231_001 WP_20141231_004 WP_20141231_008 WP_20141231_010 WP_20141231_012

Well we bid farewell to 2014 and what an amazing year its been especially with the launch of Golden Boyz Doggie Gifts. Last year we were moored right in the centre of Birmingham & this year we’re right in the centre of London. Who knows where us 3 little water gypsies will be next year. HappY New Year to all our blog readers. Here’s to a fab 2015.


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