We had a chick onboard by Daquiri

We spent a pleasant few days at Bishops Stortford. It had a nice park just over the road for walkies as well as the towpath of course. On Monday we had guests arrive Hillary, Steve & cute chick Vera the black Labrador. She’s two but already better behaved than us! After a spot of car parking & shopping we were off. Retracing our path for us as we needed to get to Stonebridge lock for some carpentry work mum is having done next week.

The first night we stopped at Harlow Mill & the humans & Vera went off to the pub.

We sat out the next morning for breakfast & to fill the boat up with water. We misbehaved on the towpath & Vera looked quite keen to join in but think she was scared we’d squash her!

Next day we had a long cruise down to Cheshunt. It was great having friends onboard as it meant we were allowed out for walkies alongside the boat & mum got some good photos of our boat.

Poor Vera got stung by a nasty wasp & I got zillions of sticky bud things in my tail that mum got the scissors to in the end. Not a cool look!! Then later poor Vera fell in the canal as we were approaching a lock.

We squeezed in a mooring at Cheshunt. It was a nice night for sitting out but became most unpleasant as every minute there were cyclists going past. Didn’t help that I wouldn’t lie on the grass & kept settling across the towpath! So we gave up & went to the pub. Any excuse eh?! The pub didn’t do food but let us get kebabs from the shop next door & eat them in beer garden. Result!

On the Wednesday we left Cheshunt & headed down to Stonebridge. We grabbed the first mooring we saw but then moved to boat twice more so that we ended up just two boats back from the lock.

Hillary went to get the car & the rest of us went for walkies. Then we went into Stonebridge cafe for a drink & ice cream & discovered its extremely dog friendly there.

Wednesday evening we walked up the towpath to another pub where mum met up with some of the very long term Spice coordinators from her early days running Spice. That was her job before we arrived on the scene! We were semi behaved but we did keep barking at a rat in the undergrowth & I put a big black paw print on Maggie’s white trousers as soon as she arrived! I reckon Cosmo is still watching fur the rat in this photo. I’m being a good boy & smiling at the camera.

On Thursday early we bade farewell to our visitors. Mum was busy working all day then dashed into London to meet up with friends. Friday we had walkies then breakfast in the cafe which was very nice as we got some toast, bacon & sausage yum! Mum was busy working again then dashed into London to see The King & I with auntie Sally

Saturday we set up & traded but it wasn’t very busy. Mum was busy rearranging the boat & emptying the cupboard that is being replaced by a desk next week. Sunday was torrential rain all day so after soggy walkies mum decided to do her google shopping study & exam whilst we had a great long snooze. Monday mum disappeared for ages & came back with food shopping & a Bluetooth speaker something she’s had on her wish list for ages. So now we’re a party boat with lots of music. Me & Cosmo like getting up & leaping around to the music with mum!

We’re staying here a couple of days for mum to have her new desk built but we’re nearly at the end of our time on the Lea & Stort. Next we’re off to central London for the Angel canal festival on 2 Sept & we’ll stay there just over a week as mum has some places to visit… but then we think we’re off back up the Grand Union through some of our favourite spots from earlier in the year. Mum is just awaiting final confirmation of a southern calendar club so we know our plans for definite for winter.


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