All Our Plans Unravelling by Cosmo

We’e unfortunately had a tough week this week. Mum being mum has planned our trip to Ireland to the nth degree. The crane was booked many months ago, then lorry booked, then ferry booked & paid for & B&B booked & paid for. The boat was coming out of the water for 2 weeks prior to going on the lorry & we are going off visiting friends for those 2 weeks as we can’t climb step ladders & live aboard. Uncle Toastie was coming down to black the boat & do a few jobs for mum. We are already in the Milton Keynes area ready for crane out.

Then disaster struck as we discovered the crane is broken & they didn’t know if it would be fixed in time for us. Now if we were just coming out for blacking we could postpone but given our lorry & ferry bookings that left us in a huge predicament.

Over a couple of days a very depressed mum rang round many boatyards. Given blacking is normally booked many many months in advance it wasn’t an easy task. Eventually James at Stowe Hill/Rugby Boats came to our rescue & said he could crane onto the lorry which is the most critical bit but we couldn’t be out for blacking. But at least we can still go to Ireland as planned.

Mum even researched blacking over in Ireland & it seems the DIY option over there is a bit more laid back than here though there’s not many dry docks. But over there you book them with Waterways Ireland & then sort yourself out & its only 14 euros a day. But then we’d have to find help over there & we don’t know anyone yet.

Then we managed to get booked into Gayton Wharf for blacking but they can’t crane onto the lorry as the lorry wont get over the canal bridge to the wharf,

So we are finally sorted but its costing mum much more as its now two crane outs but at least we’re sorted. It does however mess up our plans when we’re visiting as now the blacking is on a different date so we’ll travel north then have to drive all the way back to move the boat to the blacking venue then drive even further north then drive back to move it to crane out venue whereas we were just leaving the boat for 2 weeks originally after being craned out. And we don’t mow get to see Uncle Toasie before we leave sob sob.

We’ve been cheering mum up though as as we’re moored in our favourite place at Stanton Low we’ve been able to arrange our much awaited golden retriever party with Ollie & Luna & the two pups Red & Lola & their mum Toni. We had a great time tearing around with them. The photoshoot was very challenging but eventually we got all 6 retrievers & mum on the photo. Daquiri of course had to roll in the mud & get a black head for the photos! I was a good boy though apart from a bit of jumping up for treats!!


Sadly now we’ve got to move on from our spot which we’d planned to stay 14 days at as we have to get up to Gayton & Weedon instead.

Inbetween all this mum has been frantically studying for her VHF exam which is dead funny as she keeps talking in a funny language to her computer & then playing her voice back. Me & Daquiri keep sniggering at her.

Delta Alpha Quebec Uniform India Romeo India…. Over!!

Charlie Oscar Sierra Mike Oscar… Out!!