The Farewell Tour by Daquiri

Our new plans went to …. well plan despite 2 massive storms sweeping the U.K. After bidding farewell to our friends at Stanton Low over a couple of days we made it up to Gayton Wharf ready for crane out no 1 for blacking.

We had 2 big storms in close succession Ciara & Dennis. Mum even removed stuff off the roof during them. Going for walkies was hard work it blew our fur everywhere


Mum disappeared off one day to sit her VHF exam which she duly passed. Taken in case we breakdown in the middle of one of the laughs in Ireland.


Soon it was time for us to leave the boat & set off on our U.K. wide farewell tour saying goodbye to all our fans. Unfortunately we were put in one of those stupid vans again & whisked off up to Pelsall. We were overjoyed when we got there to see Uncle Jim & Auntie Angela & Daisy May who’s a cute little chick who fancies both of us. But between you & me she defo prefers me to Cosmo! We had a nice chilled night destroying Daisy Mays toys until they were taken off us & put on the top of the fridge.

The next day mum caught up on work & much to our disgust Auntie Angela put us in the shower again, we should have remembered that she did this last time too. Then we smelt all funny & nice until we rolled on the lawn.

Mum went out at night with the Urban Moorings crew. They’re creating an amazing boaters oasis out of a plot of derelict land. Quite a few of our doggie pals live there. If anyone is ever in the Wolverhampton area do check them out as they always have volunteering opportunities.

Urban Moorings

Next on The Farewell Tour mum went to visit Kim & mummy Gill. They’re as mad as our mum so no doubt they got up to no good. In the evening we got our barking voices in fine fettle as this heralded the arrival of Auntie Sally. Much noise was made


Nighttime was yet another meal out with the Pelsall crew. Whilst they were all out Cosmo & I were hatching a cunning escape plan that we put into action the next day.

Once the humans were out of the way on Saturday at Fairlawns Spa we had clocked that there was this thing called a dog flap in the door. Now we’ve heard of cat flaps but this is a dog flap for small dogs like Daisy May. So me & Cosmo though we’d try & get through it. Now admittedly it was a bit of a tight squeeze for me but I did manage it after breathing in. Cosmo the skinny one slipped through easily. After a few practise runs we went back inside to await mum & co returning. The car pulled up & we were through that flap like lightening & in the garden barking. The absolute shock on all their faces was priceless! At first they couldn’t work out how we’d got out but then they rumbled us. I think mum was quite proud of our ingenuity. Not sure Auntie Angela has quite recovered from thinking we’d knocked her back door down.

The next day we were back in the stupid van & whisked off up to Lancashire. We visited grandad & stayed with Auntie Colette & Uncle Stu. Cosmo got a special valentines cushion to shred! Mum caught up with family & even managed to squeeze in a trip to Liverpool to visit June & Stuart.

Then we were off to our final location on The Farewell Tour back to Sheffield. This is where mum used to live & we lived for 2 months before moving onto our boat. We don’t stay in our house though as we love staying with Uncle Alan & cousin Jake. En route mum caught up with Uncle Anthony & Adrian but Maggie wasn’t around sadly. She got a tour of the mansion they’d renovating . It has a huge big garden for when we next visit.


Once down in Sheffield we had a whirlwind of social engagements. Unfortunately the first of which was a trip to the vets & pah we were made to get on the scales again. The vet never said I was too fat but mum has deemed I have to go on special senior food now. I mean how insulting I’m only 7! Cosmo is the same age & he’s not been put on it. It had better taste nice is all I can say. We had to have our injections & that stupid squirt thing up the nose. I was quite good with it but Cosmo made a right fuss & it took ages for the vet to get it up his nose then he kept acting like a big drama queen sneezing everywhere.

Straight from the vets mum went to our old house to try & sort out the mess the tenants have left again ready to put it up for sale. We got to run round our old garden & up & down the stairs. We remember when we were too little to get up & down the stairs. Mum had drinks with old Spice friends that night & the next day it was back for more cleaning of the house but this time Auntie Gill came and she had jumbones yippeee. Mum had one last meal with Sheffield friends on Sunday before we were whisked off again in stupid van.

We drove through monsoon rain & arrived back at Golden Boyz with her new shiney black bottom. We were so happy to be back onboard. We snuggled up inside in the warm to catch up on our snoozes while mum cruised the boat in the rain & biting wind to Stowe Hill marina.

Hopefully that’ll be the last of mums adventures & we can settle into a nice peaceful life now……..