Two Leeks into Lockdown by Cosmo (Cruised Nowhere!!)

Well as mum kinda suspected not long after we posted our last blog Ireland went into full lockdown.

We entered Tier 5 & the Waterways pretty much closed. Mum is only allowed within a 5km (3mile) radius of the boat.

Luckily mum had picked a good spot here at Gallen, Ferbane, County Offaly. We are right by a tap so our water is unlimited, it’s a nice bike ride into Ferbane which has smaller shops for mum, mum has found a local diesel company who will deliver to the boat, we have our own big garden right outside the boat, we’re allowed off lead every day & I can sprint really fast up the towpath as noone comes up this side, Mags is not too far away if we need anything & best of all Ann opposite has been our saviour. Taking deliveries & post in for us & once a week she gets a bigger shop in for mum & every week she sneaks a little chocolate treat in mum’s box. It’s the highlight of the week šŸ™‚ Here’s us chilling outside the boat while mum fills up with water.

So what have we been up to – well we’ve been mainly snoozing apart from the fact mum is still trying that dog training with us. We’re currently working on leg weaves. Daquiri is doing quite well with it but I just run round the back of mum instead. The only bonus is we get extra biscuits for the training. Here’s me being a good boy waiting with the ball although I did get a tad muddy!

Mum is still on a massive mission with her goals. She’s working on 12 goals before Xmas though we think we’re going to fail our cruising one which is normally the one we easily achieve. She’s doing really well on her virtual cycling Ring of Kerry Challenge & has now done 88% of it in 33 days & she set herself 10 weeks to do it initially. She’s contemplating the Grand Canyon virtual challenge next.

She’s found some new places on her bike rides including the beautiful Cloghan lake which is one of her favourite to cycle around.

She braved going in the water again & got red oxide on Golden Boyz’s treated rust patches. Not sure she’s going to get much further this side of winter but she has made a start on painting & freshening up inside the cratch which is also on the goals list. She actually bought the paint for this during last lockdown in Edenderry.

Halloween came & went no trick or treating this year but mum saw some houses decorated up as she was cycling around. We were treated to a full moon which was a blue moon on Halloween. On clear nights here because there is no light pollution we can see so many stars in the sky at night when we go out for our last night cockaleggies. Its very pretty.

What else has she been up to? Well she’s learning lots of new things. As well as that blasted tin whistle which we have to endure a new tune every week, she’s been doing an iphone photography course plus she’s doing some courses for work. Mum luckily works online & has enough work to keep going & buying us dog biscuits. She’s been practising with her sunset photos on her iphone.

She’s continuing on her crochet blanket & has done over 90 squares now & in the evenings she’s rewatching Game of Thrones. We’ve got a coastguards cottage booked over New Year near Belfast so mum was hoping to visit the Game of Thrones locations & Giants Causeway. It is of course doggie friendly & only a few metres from a beach so we’re really looking forward to it. We don’t know if we’ll be able to go or not with the virus but we’re keeping fingers & paws crossed.

Mum is on a heath kick & noone was more shocked than us when these arrived!

We’ll soon be chewing those! She’s even been baking which is very rare for mum she likes cooking but is not prone to baking. Apparently these were high protein heathy chocolate brownies. Do we believe her??!!

So we are one third of our way through lockdown & have another 4 weeks at least but it’s not so bad here. Ireland’s cases & R rate have been going down so fingers & paws crossed the country is moving in the right direction.

So my goal – well it’s a big one; sleep as much as possible, beat up the cushions on the boat & bark at dogs across the other side of the canal. Daquiris goal is to eat as much horse poo as he can from up the towpath & mount me as many times as possible. Here’s me accomplishing my goals!

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